50 Best Flower Tattoos for Girls & Women-Hottest Female Floral Tattoos

Tattoos are special signals for people that carry them on their bodies. Flower tattoos are a good choice for many girls and women.

Some tattoos on wrist, hand, arm, back, hip, leg and ankle very beautiful. These floral tattoos will help girls and women conceal flaws and make their bodies sexy.

The majority of women want to have red, green and yellow colors in their flower tattoos because that is deemed to be very beautiful and make them feminine. Flower tattoos can conceal the scars after a damage. There are plenty of ways to select flower tattoo designs for women’s styles. eg. like rose, lotus, peony, cherry blossom, sunflower, daffodil, orchid, hibiscus, chrysanthemum and some wild flowers.

The idea behind flower tattoo trend is so simple: make the right flower tattoos with the right colors on the right place of your bodies. Flower tattoos for girls and women are becoming a staple in the tattoo fashion world.

Source: tattooist_silo via Instagram

The selection of colors for flower tattoo is most surely determined by your skin colors. Women with white skin might settle on red, purple and black colors. Aisan girls with yellow skin will be fantastic with green and red colors. African women with black skin can have any combination with dark colors. Furthermore, flower tattoo has another great advantage that it can be suitable for womens clothes.

As a woman, you will find many flower tattoos to choose. In order to help you find out the appropriate flower tattoos for your personal styles, we have collected 48 flower tattoo designs for girls and women. Whatever your skin color is, you will find here some really cool flower tattoo ideas.

Keep scrolling for these inspiring floral tattoos and try some in this season.


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