19 Cute Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women

Short hairstyles and haircuts can offer a number of benefits for students, fashionistas and busy career women. Cute short hairstyles can work well with every woman’s face shape and hair color.

Short hair styles will make your facial expression more distinctive and bring more eye-catching to your neck and shoulders.

Furthermore, short haircuts for women are extremely easy to style and maintain on a normal budget.

Despite the fact that short hair styles for women have some disadvantages, their advantages are much bigger. You will find a modern hairstyle that takes years off your face whether your own hair is thin, fine, curly, straight or curly. Short haircuts are the best choice for black women with thick curly hair. African hair is extremely difficult to style in terms of its texture. Short hair styles will be perfect for this type of texture.

This year, the most popular short haircuts include pixies, long bobs and bangs. If you are considering to make a change on your hairstyle, short haircuts will be your ultimate source of inspiration. You will find your sense of style has totally changed.

To get you inspired to make short haircuts, we’ve collected some short hairstyles which are right for women of all ages. Keep scrolling for these inspiring and cute short haircuts and try some styles in this season.

No.1 Short Haircut: Pixie For Square Face

Short Haircut Pixie For Square Face-01Source: sissemarie via Instagram
If you want to obtain a short haircut for square faces, you will need to take into account this pixie cut. Everyone would be intrigued if you choose the route of silver hairstyle. Feel free to explore the colors of platinum blonde and grey to plot even the most challenging of hearts. If you choose to integrate some bangs that would not hurt the sleek look, you will go with a short pixie.

No.2 Short Haircut: Side Swept Style For Long Face

Short Haircut Side Swept Style For Long Face-02Source: sdifilippohair via Instagram


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