19 Cute Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women

The pixie is a long time favorite for most women with short hair styles. It is one of the best short haircuts for long faces mainly because it enhances the facial expression rather than isolating them.

This short hairstyle for a girl is easily maintainable and styled. This short hair style definitely seems to be timeless with this cut.

No.3 Short Haircut: Pixie For Triangle Face

Short Haircut Pixie For Triangle Face-03Source: pixiepalooza via Instagram
In the past, a woman she would be thought as a tomboy if she continually wore a short haircut. In modern times even the shorter pixie hairstyles is extremely feminine and classy. For those who have dark hair, you can add some color to highlight your personal style. This short haiestyle length and layers will complement for triangular faces.

No.4 Short Haircut: Pixie Style For Heart Shaped Face

Short Haircut Pixie Style For Heart Shaped Face-04Source: hairstyle.expert via Instagram


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