10 Stunning Long Ombre Hair Colors in Year 2019

Hairstyle trends come and go, however ombre hair color is popular all the time. Ombre hair color can conceal the damaged ends.

The majority of women want to have ombre hair styles because it is deemed to be very beautiful and low-maintenance.

There are plenty of ways to select ombre hair colors for women’s hairstyles. eg. blonde ombre hair, red ombre hair, two tone hair, rose gold ombre hair, brown to blonde ombre hair and platinum blonde ombre hair. Once you learn them. you will definitely be surprised how versatile your ombre hairstyles can be.

In French, ombré means “shade” or “shadow.” The rule behind long ombre hair color trend is so simple: the hair color at the roots is darker, while that at the ends become lighter. Ombre is a gradient haircolor strategy which became a staple in the hair fashion world.

The selection of colors for ombre hair is most surely determined by your skin undertone and natural hair hue. Women with cooler skin undertones and brown hair, might settle on blonde ombre and red ombre hair colors. Redheads with warm skin tones will be fantastic with rose gold ombre hair and fire ombre hair colors. An ombre hairstyle can have any color combination with natural blonde, brown, red, pink or purple. Blonde ombre hair color is versatile and suitable for women with long and medium hair lengths. Furthermore, ombre hair color has another great advantage that it can save money. You do not have to maintain your hairstyle frequently since the top hair section remains dark. The overall appearance of ombre hair color will change when your hair grows out.

As a woman, you will find a lot of great ombre hair colors for your hairstyles. Our mission is to support you to choose the appropriate ombre hair color for your personal styles. Below, we have collected some great ombre hair colors for women of all ages. Whatever your natural hair color is, you will find here some really cool ombre hair color ideas with highlights. Keep scrolling for 10 inspiring ombre hair colors and try some ombre hairstyles in this season.

No. 1 Curly Fire Red Ombre Hair Color

Curly Fire Red Ombre Hair Color-01Source: constancerobbins via Instagram

This fire red ombre hair color makes a bold statement. No matter whether you have natural red hair or want to have red hair for the first time, red ombre hair is a fantastic way to keep your look vibrant and eye-catching. To keep your ombre red hair, you might use the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Hence you can show off your ombre red hair longer.

No. 2 Curly Red Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Curly Red Blonde Ombre Hair Color-02Source: sam_marie via Instagram


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