10 Stunning Long Ombre Hair Colors in Year 2019

Are you seeking to play up your dark hair? Rose gold ombre hair color is a good choice. Ask your hair dresser to create a gradient with your haircolor.

Keep the crown section of your hair dark and then blend rose gold ombre hair color to your ends. Additionally you can develop shine throughout the day by employing a multi-benefit hair treatment spray on your hair.

No. 5 Ashy Light Brown Ombre Hair Color

Ashy Light Brown Ombre Hair Color-05Source: bykelliiicox via Instagram

Ashy light brown ombre hair color is a supersubtle approach to possess natural light brown haircolor, but still lets you experiment with some other shade at the hair ends. Keeping your long hair sleek is the foremost way to possess this gradient, so you can keep your frizz under control by using a smoothing shampoo.

No. 6 Curly Green Ombre Haie Color

Curly Green Ombre Haie Color-06Source: aaashleee via Instagram


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