10 Stunning Long Ombre Hair Colors in Year 2019

This green ombre hair color is a great hairstyle worth trying. Not only is the haircolor a cooler green shade that can will be suitable with medium skin tones, but it is also a wise decision if you want to keep the lightening at the very least.

If you plan on using a curling iron, spray hair with a heat protection hairspray and this will help your hair curl more easily.

No. 7 Light Brown Ombre Highlights

Light Brown Ombre Highlights-07Source: mumma_to_triplet_girls via Instagram

You can ask your hair dresser to increase dimension for your ombre hair with highlights. It combines dark hair roots with lighter haircolor at the hair ends, and then brighten up the hair by using face-framing highlights. Since the highlights start further down, it helps give your hair an additional natural and sun-kissed effect.

No. 8 Platinum Blonde Ombre Haie Color

Platinum Blonde Ombre Haie Color-08Source: effigy_hair_studio via Instagram


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