10 Stunning Long Ombre Hair Colors in Year 2019

A platinum blonde ombre hair color is extremely eye-catching. This ombre hairstyle involves a great deal of contrast mainly because it starts off with nearly black roots at the top.

And then shifts into ash brown ombre hair color in the middle and bright blonde at the hair ends. There is a lot of procedures with this ombre hair color, but the shades combine with each other beautifully. Remember to ask your hair dresser about color extend bonder which can help your hair feel stronger.

No. 9 Curly Caramel Ombre Haie Color

Curly Caramel Ombre Haie Color-09Source: ceriseshairartistry via Instagram

Add some surprise to your hairstyle with this caramel ombre hair color. It is a fantastic color for women in fall and winter. If you want to add shine on your hair, remember to ask your hair dresser to include a shades in your haircolor service. Furthermore, it can help boost the shine and richness in your caramel ombre hair.

No. 10 Black to Blonde Ombre

Black to Blonde Ombre-10Source: beccaasaurr via Instagram

A great way to stand out from the masses is having a black to blonde ombre hair color. Cool brunettes will add a certain amount of this blonde hue into their hair with low contrast. To make your black blonde ombre hair color popular, you can try to use a hair shine treatment.

To ensure you get inspiration on ombre hairstyle, we have collected more than 10 long ombre hair color ideas for you.

Click on and find your favorite to try in this season.


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