20 Pretty Medium Length Hairstyles for Women

These layers offer a great deal of texture for your medium length hair styles. With shorter hair layers for this stunning mid haircut, you will look younger.

Blow dry your hair and then flick out the hair ends by using a flat iron. Furthermore this is anotherhairstyle which works great with multi-faceted balayage.

No. 5 Medium Haircuts: Carefree Curls

Medium Haircuts Carefree Curls-05Source: cutyourhair via Instagram

This medium length hairstyle is fun and whimsical and works best women with curly or wavy hair. Incorperate your favorite curling mousse or other curling product and then utilize a broad tooth comb to eliminate tangles. Next, scrunch your hair for maximum curls.

No. 6 Medium Haircuts: Sexy And Shaggy

Medium Haircuts Sexy And Shaggy-06Source: cutyourhair via Instagram


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