20 Pretty Medium Length Hairstyles for Women

This medium hairstyle is great for those ladies who love the ever-trendy haircuts. Thick bangs and point-cut hair ends offer a jagged edge.

Use a light hair styling foam before drying to add texture. Blow dry by using a paddle brush and then add some texturizer for more volume.

No. 7 Medium Haircuts With Medium Length Layers

Medium Haircuts With Medium Length Layers-07Source: cutyourhair via Instagram

This medium length haircut allows for a fuller top section because of its medium-length hair layers that encircle the crown. Constantly women spend much time on seeking this hairstyle. And you can have it naturally, because of your hair thickness. Subtle highlights will accessorize those layers, making them be more texturized.

No. 8 Medium Haircuts: Shaggy Medium-Length Bob

Medium Haircuts Shaggy Medium-Length Bob-08Source: cutyourhair via Instagram


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