21 Cool Black Braided Hairstyles to Try in 2019

Even if you are adding hair for length, chunky black braids are certainly not suitable for those black women with short natural hair. Because they can slip out or cause too much tension. An alternative way to combat this is to turn small tight cornrows into larger ones.

No.19: Double Goddess Braids With A Low Bun

Double Goddess Braids With A Low Bun-19

Source: mzpritea via Instagram

Outside of the extra length and thickness, hairstyle also offers the ability to experiment with color. Weaving in a few pieces of hair for a pop of purple color will give you cute braided hairstyle with a highlighted effect.

No.20: Curly hairstyle for short hair

Curly hairstyle for short hair-20

Source: trishnamusic via Instagram


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