21 Cool Black Braided Hairstyles to Try in 2019

Chunky braids are a fashionable pick for African American women with black hair. Thicker braids will also be easier to undo once your black hairstyle has run its course. But while you are rocking it, there are many methods to change up the mohawk. Put it on or try styling it into a bouffant up top.

No.9: Tree Braids With Highlights

Tree Braids With Highlights-09

Source: liweikehair via Instagram

Crochet braids are handy if you do not want to choose a weave. You can put on the crochet braids down or up in a ponytail. You undoubtedly have numerous styling options as the imagination allows. Mix highlights into your tree braids with colored hair for only a bleach-free splash of color.

No.10: Black Braided Updo

Black Braided Updo-10

Source: beauty_can_braid via Instagram


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