21 Cool Black Braided Hairstyles to Try in 2019

Take care of your natural hair and wear something ultra-stylish when you are doing work. An attractive magenta hue is an exciting way to bring an extra touch of femininity to your braided hairstyle. Adjust different braid sizes and voluminous creativities for irresistible texture.

No.17: Goddess Braids With A Bun

Goddess Braids With A Bun-17

Source: thehairqueen via Instagram

For many years, large braided updos were reserved for older women on the go. But everything old is popular again. Now younger black African women are embracing the style with flair. The micro braids with jumbo cornrows for a fun twist is coming back.

No.18: Cornrows And Goddess Braids

Cornrows And Goddess Braids-18

Source: m3l_b86 via Instagram


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