12 Stunning Long Layered Hairstyles and Cuts in 2019

As for women, long layered hairstyles always look fantastic. During this year, long haircuts with layers are definitely still trendy since they are simple. But, many people cannot manage hairstyles for their long hair. If you intend to have long haircuts or, you’re considering some cute hairstyles for long hair, then you should know most popular factors for long hair cuts during this year such as layers, ombre colors, lobs, beachy waves, v-cuts, shags, texture, vintage braids and ponytails.

A long layered haircut can add volume to your hair and offer flexibility during hair styling. Layered haircuts for long hair can be fitable for all face shapes. Long hairstyles with layers could flatter some face shapes more than others when they are well styled. Long layered haircuts can also be helpful for making thin hair look fuller.

Don’t forget about the details when your hairdresser cuts the layers framing your face. Ask him for long layered haircuts at the back and graded layers so as to frame your face. Choose your best layer style and you can balance the layers with long bangs. Long layered haircuts that blend with one another will be much smoother and sleeker. Below, you can find out our collection of the most popular layered hairstyles for long hair that’s either fine, curly, ombre and straight.

1: Brunette layered hairstyle

Brunette layered hairstyle-01Source: Instagram / @moyo_ijoma
This is the ultimate goal for every woman with long hair who wants a sleek, chic cut that provides body and movement. A combination of layers is definitely the secret ingredient. Take into consideration the shortest layers so as to frame the face, while most of the layers are mid-length.

2: Long U-cut with layers

Long U-cut with layers-02Source: Instagram / @araxjan


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