Could Fruits Be Eaten After Dinner? – 8 truths about eating fruits

When autumn comes, all kinds of fruits will grow up at once. Eating fruit is always very happy, especially after the meal. Many people would like to have some sweet and sour fruits.

At this time, you are often reminded by kindness: Stop, eating fruits after a meal is not good! Is this real? How should fruits be eaten?

Today, Dr Ashley Judd is invited to tell you about the eight most common questions on eating fruits.

Question 1: Can I eat fruit after a meal?

Truth: Yes.
Otherwise, it will be robbed later.
It is said that fruits will be blocked in the stomach by the food that was eaten before, and it is prone to bloating or constipation.
But fruits are called fruits because their main ingredients are water (generally above 85%), and most of the rest are sugar and some plant compounds, which are much better digested than chicken, duck, fish and rice.

If you have already eaten a full plate of fruit, it will affect digestion. However, this does not blame the fruit.

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Question 2: Can I eat fruit before meals?

Truth: Yes.

The fasting stomach is not so fragile. Citric acid in fruits may irritate the stomach, but do not worry about it as long as there is not too much stomach acid or eating unripe persimmons.

Apples, pears and oranges are good emergency fruits. It’s okay to eat when you are hungry.

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