Could Fruits Be Eaten After Dinner? – 8 truths about eating fruits

Question 3: Can fruits be heated to eat?

The truth: depend on the situation.
Heating or not heating is a personal preference, not a big problem.

As for the fruits like apple cake, sydney soup, yellow peach pie, it is more delicious when cooked. Moreover, it reduces the stimulation of the digestive tract by components such as fiber after they are cooked, and it is beneficial to people with indigestion.

However, heating is also a problem for some fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, winter jujube and etc. you can eat them without heating it and the taste of these cooked food is hard to say.
In short, eating cooked fruit is a good way for people with weaker digestion, while eating fruits directly for ordinary people.
The only thing to note is that you should put less sugar, or else you will eat sugar when you eat fruit.

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Question 4: Is fresh juice more healthy?

Truth: Not really.
I saw that the fruit turned into a fruit juice, and there was no natural addition. It felt great. 1 cup of orange juice can be equal to 5 oranges, more nutrients, less sugar and calories.
The problem is that eating an orange is half full for your stomach, while it is not enough to drink a glass of orange juice (5 oranges). If you eat in this way, you will definitely be able to contribute to more and more fat.
It is recommended that you should still use your own teeth to squeeze the juice. After the squeeze, the flesh is swallowed together. That will be healthier.

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