Could Fruits Be Eaten After Dinner? – 8 truths about eating fruits

Question 5: Is it not easy to be fat by eating dried fruits?

The truth: It’s disappointing, no.
The real dried fruit is the dried fruit that does not add sugar, salt and oil during production process. Just removes water.

70% of such dried fruit have a great deal of sugar and calories. It is not a weight loss tool.

As for candied fruit, fruit and vegetable chips, they have higher calories than that of the dried fruits. They are proper energy bombs.

5-healthy fruit recipes ideas

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Question 6: Can fruit enzymes be laxative?

Truth: No, but can make you lose money.
Fruit enzyme is an enzyme made of fruits.
In fact, enzymes are essential for various biological reactions in the human body. There are currently more than 4,000 kinds and people who have left them can’t live.

But the problem is: fruit enzymes and enzymes in the human body are not the same things, Even if they are the same, eating it is useless because most enzymes are proteins. they will be basically broken down after being baptized by various digestive enzymes and gastric liquids. Once the enzyme has lost its original intact structure, it is naturally impossible to talk about nourishment.
In short, if you want to become beautiful, eat well and keep exercising. This is the foundation.

6-healthy fruit recipes ideas

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