Could Fruits Be Eaten After Dinner? – 8 truths about eating fruits

Question 7: Is seasonal fruit more nutritious than greenhouse fruit?

Truth: There is not much difference in nutritional value.
Some scientists have studied and found that the effect of light and temperature on vitamin C is only 10%.

In other words, seasonal fruits and greenhouse fruits are both good fruits, and there is no difference in nutrition.

In fact, the so-called “seasonal” only indicates that natural conditions such as temperature, humidity and light in that season are suitable for plant growth.
Since we can already simulate similar environmental conditions, plants can grow throughout the year, which is the benefit of technological advancement. As long as it is not particularly disgusting, you can rest assured even if the fruit is not seasonal.

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Question 8: Is it better to eat fruit without peeling?

The truth: you can’t cut it without peeling, you don’t have to worry about it too much.
Fruit peels do have some nutrients, such as anthocyanins or other ingredients, which are sometimes higher than the flesh in terms of unit weight.
But a little research will tell that a medium-sized apple has only a few tens of grams of apple peel. If you want to eat an effective dose of anthocyanin, you may have to eat ten pounds of apples each time. In addition, the WHO (World Health Organization) also recommends cutting off the peels when we eat fruits. But if you accidentally eat a little, don’t worry too much.
Therefore, there is no need to entangle. Do you suddenly feel a lot easier when you see it here?

8-healthy fruit recipes ideas

Source: fruits via Instagram

To sum up, don’t tangled, don’t be lazy, fresh fruit is the best to eat directly.

Have some fruit to treat yourself!


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